Weekend Faves Vol. 5

Hey gang!

For those of you that don't know, I've spent the last three weeks doing my civic duty and serving as a juror on a federal criminal trial. Now, rule number one of jury duty is don't talk about jury duty. What I can say though is that it's been a great learning experience. Yes, I'm getting tired of going downtown to spend a lot of time just waiting around, but as someone who reads and listens to a lot of true crime, I've enjoyed being able to see how the legal system really works up close and personal. Did you know a "sidebar" is a real thing? The judge and lawyers in the case can ask for a sidebar for them to talk about something without the jury hearing. I thought a sidebar was just a communication tactic used by Leslie Knope in meetings. Hopefully the trial will be over in the next few days so I'll be free to talk alllll about it. It's hard keeping it all in.

Now onto the faves.


My delicate fair baby skin can get real dark under my eyes. This is by far the best product for undereye circles. I use the natural finish and sometimes put concealer on top, but it's not always necessary. This may be a small jar but it lasts forever. A little goes a long way.

I just got this new clean body scrub. The exfoliants are biodegradable (did you know traditional microbeads are made of plastic and are harmful to the environment?) and cruelty-free. Gotta keep those legs summer ready.


I'm low key very into the fact that tie dye is coming back. I've been eying this shirt dress and this top.

I did just get this "beach tunic" with very little intention of ever wearing it to a beach.


Have you heard me talk about activated charcoal? I literally tell anyone who will listen. I've got a bad stomach and this is my ultimate remedy in a pinch. It essentially absorbs the toxins in your digestive system. But be careful, it will absorb other stuff too so allow 2 hours between taking this and other meds.

The animal shelter I volunteer for, Alive Rescue, just opened their new adoption center in the West Loop! The AC is open to the public so if you're looking for a new pup, you should check us out.

Till next time!


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