Weekend Faves Vol. 4

Happy Sunday everyone!

I gotta say... this week has been draining. The evolving legislative news out of Alabama and Missouri (where I lived for three years) took a toll on me. There's a lot of layers to the situation, each more infuriating and frightening than the last. The fact that many of these lawmakers have made no effort to learn the basics of how pregnancy works. The fact that Alabama thinks it's "pro-life" despite having the second most gun deaths in the nation and being dead last in education, which just shows that once these precious lives are born into the world they are no longer the state's concern. And while I know these laws haven't gone into effect yet and I don't even live in one of the four states proposing new laws, the thought that women could lose more of what little autonomy they have just straight up scares me. And if this scares you too, click here for a great list of ways to help fight these changes.

On the total flip side... here's what I'm loving this week:


I had dinner at Lincoln Square's Gather (cured salmon pictured above) for the second time and it was just as good as I remembered. The whipped ricotta is an absolute must.

I recently cooked the most perfect filet for myself using this helpful article. Such a treat and I was prettttty proud of myself.

Reading + Listening

This article from Ellevest CEO and cofounder, Sallie Krawcheck, on why the tried and true personal finance advice, "skip the latte" is total BS. Thank God.

This absolutely fabulous song from Lizzo, which I will be using as my personal anthem for the foreseeable future.


Got myself some new denim shorts for the summer that are actually quite perfect. Don't be alarmed when you click the link and it takes you to Abercrombie's website... they're making a strange comeback and I've decided to embrace it.

My friend Katy recently invited me to an event hosted by dainty-jewelry-experts, Mejrui and wow was there so much good stuff to be had. I was immediately drawn to the zodiac necklaces. I'm also thinking of getting real wild and using my second ear piercing again and these would be a great excuse to start.

Well I'm off to cook up a pork tenderloin. If all goes well, you may see it in next week's post. Have a great week!

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