Weekend Faves Vol. 2

If you were on social media at all yesterday you know that it SNOWED in Chicago yesterday. That's the second snow in April, people. I tried to spend the weekend decompressing after a stressful week. TBD if it worked.

Here's this week's lineup.


I bought Whole Foods mango salsa this weekend and wowowowow. Can't stop eating it. P.S. Siete chips are perfect for anyone going gluten free.

Part of my de-stress routine is baking. Great for my mental health. Not so great for my physical health. This weekend I made scones for the first time and then pawned them off on friends. Don't worry, I ate one first.

Reading + Listening

Have you heard? The Instagram aesthetic is over.

Every week there is one podcast that makes me laugh out loud, gasp, and scream, "WHAAAAAT" without fail. And that podcast is Bitch Sesh — the ultimate Real Housewives recap hosted by the ultimate funny gals Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider.


I am not a shorts gal. But I just bought this pair that I think I'll actually wear a lot this summer.

The scientifically-proven, universally flattering Orgasm shade from NARS is back in the form of new products and this lip balm will be living in my bag at all times.

Found these earrings on a hunt for good everyday jewelry.


This app has helped me save thousands of dollars. Dollars that needed to be put away for healthcare, trips, and now... a new laptop. It's so easy and I highly recommend it for anyone trying to save money without having to think about it. (Use my referral link for $20).

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