Why I Volunteer and How You Can Get Involved

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I have been volunteering for a local animal rescue called Alive. My stories have been scattered with photos of adorable cats and dogs (don't worry — there's more below.) I mean, who doesn't love kitten content?

Early this year, when it was still dark for 2/3 of the day and bone-chillingly frigid, I was struggling with a lack of motivation and energy. I haven't talked much about mental health on the blog (although I plan to in the future), but ya girl was in a rough spot. I knew I needed to find a reason to pick myself up, and go out into the world other than just trekking downtown to work every day.

I started thinking about things that I love and quickly realized animals was at the top of that list. Of course, I have Biscuit at home (more #kittencontent), but I wanted to be able to help some less fortunate animals. My search for volunteer opportunities began. Chicago has a few big rescue organizations that do great work. But, I decided I'd rather find a smaller rescue where I could really become a part of a community, and that's exactly what I've found at Alive Rescue!

During my time at Alive, I've walked countless dogs, learned some obedience training basics, bottle-fed the tiniest kitten you'll ever see and taken a dog to the ER after he swallowed a kong. Oh, and met a lot of cool people. Going to volunteer is truly something I look forward to every week. It has become a form of self-care for me. I get exercise and fresh air from walking dogs. I get experience with animals from all walks of life. And I get that sense of community that I was looking for.

They say happiness comes from helping others. I can attest that this also applies to furry friends.

If you're interested in volunteering at Alive, you can learn more here. There are all kinds of ways to get involved. As a smaller organization, we're also always looking for fosters! Check out the animals looking for foster homes here.

And now for the pics I promised...

Smoke (adopted)

Chester (available for adoption/foster)

Savvy (available for adoption)

Gladys, the first dog I completely fell in love with at Alive (adopted)

Scooter, while being fed via syringe (available for adoption)

Two of Gladys' puppies (adopted)

Goose, my current favorite resident (available for adoption/foster)

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