Summer Getaway: Midwest Edition


I have spent the weekend walking around the new neighborhood, finishing Sharp Objects (I'm late to the game on this one, I know) and figuring out if I like Drake's new album (jury's still out, but I'm leaning towards... DUH!)

Recently, some of the ladies of the family took a roadtrip to Door County, Wisconsin. It was a totally doable 4-hour drive from Chicago with Milwaukee as the halfway mark. I thought I'd share a bit about our experience as well as some recommendations for exploring the area!

We stayed in Egg Harbor at a woodsy, rustic place called Landmark Resort. The property had swimming pools, tennis courts and roomy condos.

Down the road from the resort was a small beach with the most amazing Adirondack chairs. I could've sat there all day. Yes, the water is freezing, but sitting in those chairs with some Wisconsin cheese and crackers, who needs the water?

I would also highly recommend Macready's Artisan Bread in Egg Harbor for lunch. Get the chicken salad sandwich. You'll thank me later.

Beach in Egg Harbor

We spent time at two different parks doing some hiking. Nothing too strenuous, but very pretty! First, we visited The Ridges, a nature sanctuary with boardwalks and dirt trails in Bailey's Harbor. But my favorite place was Peninsula State Park. We walked a two mile trail that was absolutely beautiful. You can also camp and mountain bike through the park. Next time I go to Door County, I'll definitely spend more time here. It's a must-see.

The old schoolhouse at The Ridges

Wilson's Restaurant and Ice Cream in Ephraim — they make their own root beer!

We also spent some time in Sister Bay. This town had some cute shops and a few places to grab a beer on a patio. But Sister Bay (and maybe all of Door County) looooves to talk about Al Johnson's restaurant. It's a Swedish restaurant that serves breakfast all day. But what they're really known for is the GOATS ON THE ROOF. They are mountain goats and the roof is like their personal mountain. It is a must-see.

Goats at Al Johnson's in Sister Bay

Peninsula State Park

Finally, our last Door County activity was a classic fish boil at White Gull Inn (which is over 100 years old). A Door County fish boil is a whole spectacle. You make a reservation. You get there early for a drink and to watch the fish boil process. The Fish Boiler (I'm sure that's his official title) explains the fish boil with some personal anecdotes. Then you eat the locally caught, boiled before your eyes fish along with potatoes and coleslaw and you've got yourself a dinner to remember! Fair warning: you have to debone your own fish so be prepared.

The beautiful White Gull Inn

Cherry pie at the White Gull Inn

Door County Cherry Wheat Beer

Have you guys been to Door County? Let me know if you have any other recommendations to add to this list! Have a great week!

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