My New Favorite Dress

Hey hey!

So two weekends ago it was scorchin' hot. Like walk out the door and into an oven hot. When it's that hot and I have to make an appearance, by which I mean I have to leave my apartment, I am always stuck with nothing to wear. I am not a shorts gal and jeans are really just going to melt to my legs. The best option in this situation is almost always a dress. But not just any dress! It has to be lightweight, somewhat flowy and, of course, flattering.

I stumbled upon this little number when I ran into Gap to buy a belt (seriously, I had zero brown belts?). There it was. On the front rack. With a sign in front of it that said, "50% off dresses." It was meant to be!

This dress is straight up breezy! But it still has a shape. And that shape is flattering. Plus, you could wear it with slides or sneaks to dress it down. If you're looking to add some summer dresses to your arsenal, this is a good bet.

And that's it. Just wanted to share this new fan favorite with you all. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Stay cool, ladies!


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