Sephora Sale Must-Haves

Hi everyone,

Just what you've been wanting... another Sephora sale list! Here are a few of my favorite items I'd recommend adding to your cart.

1. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness: Probably my biggest issue with my skin is the redness. I get out of the shower and it looks like I've just run a marathon. This product takes all that redness away! You can wear this under your foundation or just by itself. Highly recommend this for anyone with slightly tomato-toned skin.

2. Tarte Clay Play Palette II: Ok, I haven't actually used this yet because it was one of my sale purchases. I've had nothing but good luck with Tarte palettes in the past. A little goes a long way and they are so blendable (which is a word I've heard beauty bloggers use so it must be good).

3. Tocca Stella: This is my favorite perfume I've ever used. It's sexy and a little fruity and a great price point.

4. Becca Under Eye Corrector: If you've got the under-eye circles of a corpse like I do, you need this. I can't recommend it enough. It's creamy, hydrating and most importantly it works.

5. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse: I use this when I'm trying to channel my inner bronzed goddess. It's surprisingly natural looking and easy to apply.

6. Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo: Sucks your grease right up. Smells amazing.

7. Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation: I've been switching between this foundation and the Fenty Beauty foundation that's always sold out. This foundation is matte but does not dry me out. Easily one of the best I've found!

8. Benefit "They're Real" Mascara: Gotta love a mascara with a funny name.

9. Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick: This lipstick keeps my lips from turning into a desert, while also giving them a solid amount of color that you can wear every day.

What are your go-to Sephora purchases?

Have a great week everyone!



8. Benefit They're Real Mascara

9. Benefit Natural Nudes Lipstick

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