A Tee with a Message

Hey party people.

Everyone got their Halloween costumes?! My team at work has a pretttttty awesome group costume that we're revealing at our office party. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories for updates.

So today's outfit is one of my faves. It's very much my uniform — jeans, tee and a blazer. This combo just makes me feel so stylish, yet so comfortable. I've said it before and I'll say it again — I'm a jeans girl till I die. But the blazer really takes it to the next level.

The tee from this outfit is a favorite in Insta world, so when I saw it go on sale I knew I had to snag it. Now I certainly don't intend for this blog to get political (that's what my Twitter is for), but the word "feminist" has become a whole lot more important to me in the last year or so. Even more so in these last few weeks as a result of the epiphany America seems to be having about sexual harassment and gender inequalities.

I will say the insensitive and shocking policies, comments and revelations that continue to come to light week after week have really activated me. And not just me. My friends and I have real, mature conversations and sometimes debates about the things we're reading in the news. And we are paying a whole lot of attention to the news (again — Twitter is my personal black hole these days). Podcasts like Pod Save America and The Daily have been game changers. If you're at all interested, confused or angry about what's happening, I highly recommend these podcasts.


Here is my new go-to girl power outfit. Have a great weekend everyone!

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