Don't Call it a Comeback

Hello! Remember me?

It's been two months since I last posted. Two months! Whoops. There's been a lot going on over here. Work has been very busy (in a good way), but I have admittedly not been too good at keeping a work/life balance recently. In other news... I got a kitten! Her name is Biscuit and she's a little 4.5 pound angel. Obviously I've been wanting to spend every moment with her and because she's only 4 months old, she's a little needy. I love it.

But I'm back people! Hopefully this time it's for real.

Speaking of comebacks... how are you guys feeling about the resurgence of denim skirts? They were a big hit this summer and I'm into it. Personally, I'm more into the denim pencil skirt than the full fledged minis — but that's just me. They're a great transition piece as we sneak into fall. I'm looking forward to pairing mine with a chunky sweater or a blazer + t-shirt combo.

Looking for an easy way to pull off this chic piece? Opt for a skirt with a little distressing and pair it with a statement tee or your favorite feminine top. You'll look like you just casually threw the outfit on and you're ready for the day (something that isn't always easy to achieve with a skirt IMO).

Shop my picks below and let me know what you're ready to wear this fall!


Oh and here's my little Biscuit:

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