White Tee Alternatives

June 15, 2017

Hi everyone,


Why do I still feel like I'm recovering from my move? Will it ever end? We'll see... 


I do plan to really put a heavy focus on optimizing and building the blog in the coming weeks so I hope you're ready for some content! I started this blog as a way to flex my creative muscles a little and to get back into the fashion + lifestyle arena. As you may know, I worked at Nordstrom for roughly two years and I actually studied fashion merchandising in school! As much as I love what I do now, I do miss the styling and shopping aspect. So here we are. 


For today's post, I wanted to talk about a staple we all know and love: the white tee. I myself am a huge fan. I've been seeing a lot of what I'm calling white tee alternatives. The base of the top is a white tee, but with some added flair. These pieces are easy go-to's to wear with denim, colored shorts or whatever your heart desires. 


I'm wearing a corset-style white tee from Topshop here. What I like about it has the flirty factor (lace-up corset), but it's very modest. I actually wore this to work last week with black ankle pants and a block heel. See? So versatile. 


I'll link some of my other favorite "white tee alternatives" below. 


Thank you all for reading this week and I look forward to many many more to come! 













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