Summer Must Have: White Top

Hello everyone!

The weekend is coming to a close and it has been a busy one. I am finally done moving all my stuff into my new apartment. Luckily I had my amazing parents and brother here to help me last week (shoutout to my dad and brother for the heavy lifting!)

Now that all my stuff is here I just need to figure out where to put it... not easy. I've got my clothes in two different closets and pots and pans crammed into cabinets, but it's coming along! Once things are a little more put together (like once I actually have seating) I'll do a post to share! In the meantime, where do you guys like to shop for decor? I've quickly become really in love with playing interior designer. I'm jealous of all of you that get to do this for a living!

Now that it's warming up here in Chicago, I've been breaking out my spring and summer styles. One of my absolute must haves is an easy, breezy white top. Find one that speaks to you and I promise you'll wear it to death. I wouldn't describe my style as that feminine but this top is so flirty and versatile how could I not? Two other girls from my office also have this top - that's six thumbs up!

This top in particular is from one of my favorite lines Who What Wear at Target. I've mentioned it before in this post and I just keep going back for more. I'll link some of my other favorite summery white tops below.

Until next time...



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