Keeping it Neutral

Hello lovelies! It's that time of year when one day it's 40 degrees and maybe going to snow, and the next day it's 65 and sunny. Happens every year, but we're always talking about it like we're surprised. That type of weather calls for a good trench coat!

This one is super lightweight and the perfect camel color. Even better - it's only $50 from the Who What Wear collection at Target. I've linked a few of my other favorite transitional trenches below. They're a great way to elevate your look even if your outfit is super casual.

As you'll quickly come to learn about me (if you don't know already), I am big into neutrals. I admire those of you who look classy and fabulous in colors and patterns, I'm just more of a black and white kind of gal... despite my mother always pushing me to branch out. Yes, leopard and snake prints are a neutral.

Hope you all have a great weekend - whatever the weather may be!



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